Completed while working at 21-19
The Flutter promo is a means to show a range of Jacky Winter artist’s work in the context of animation. Promoting Flutter as the place people go to have static 2D illustrations brought to life & transformed into animation.

This was my first real experience with character modelling, rigging & animation in 3D.
I worked extensivly on animating scenes 2, 5 & 6, and the transitions between each scene.

There are six different scenes illustrated by six different Jacky Winter artists who produce a scene with a typodraphic message that link together to read as a mission statement.

Do you love illustration?
Imagine a place.
Where illustration lives!
Where art moves.
Where dreams come true.

Make it move

Scene 1: Tin & Ed
Scene 2: Ben Sanders
Scene 3: Travis Price
Scene 4: Toby & Pete
Scene 5: Karl Kwasny
Scene 6: Andrea Innocent

Involvement: modelling, animating, texturing, lighting, rendering & compositing.